Seaweed Express Zodiac Tour of Avila Beach and Port San Luis

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Seaweed Express Avila Beach and Port San LuisShooting the Cal Poly Pier Avila Beach CA

The Seaweed Express is a great way to experience Avila Beach whether your a tourist or a local of 20 years. Taking the Seaweed name from the massive kelp beds that litter the Central Coast ocean, the company offers fun 1 hour Zodiac boat tours of Avila Beach and Port San Luis Harbor in San Luis Obispo County.


Avila Beach and Port San Luis boat tour

The Seaweed Express zodiak

I found it to be a very entertaining and informative experience with the fun Captain Lee. The medium sized Zodiac is┬áthe perfect vessel for doing tours around the rocky and cavernous Central Coast coastline. The boat”s small and agile, so you can fit into some of the caves and get very close to the rocks and animals. Write my custom essay. is a leading academic writing service that provides first rate Essay Help to students worldwide. Specializing in all types of essays, coursework, assignments writing as well as brilliant dissertations, our highly qualified writers produce papers that are thoroughly researched, written and then delivered with perfection.

AVila Beach Port San Luis Seaweed Express Kodiak Tour

Close in at a sea cave near Avila Beach

The Zodiac can also haul when he puts on the gas, making it really fun to zip across the waves. The boat also has a stereo, and Mark tailors the music based on who”s on the tour. We listened to some good tunes while cruising around and exploring various areas of Avila Beach and the bay.

Avila Beach Port San Luis Seaweed Express

Express Kodiak Tour

Having grown up here my whole life, it was quite an experience seeing everything from the opposite perspective for the first time – that is looking in from the water instead of outwards. I got to see some amazing things, including the otters, sea lions and the various birds of the bay.

Driving under the Cal Poly pier midway to Port San Luis was probably my favorite part, as you speed under the length of the pier. Its thrillingly close to an amusement park ride.
Note that Mark has very good control over the Seaweed Express Zodiac in any wave and expertly navigated around the rocks. There was never a point where I felt even remotely unsafe.

Avila Beach Port San Luis Seaweed Express Kodiak Tour

Kelp forest from the surface near Avila Beach

I would definitely recommend this for people old and young. Anyone would appreciate this safe, ocean adventure around Avila Beach and Port San Luis.
At a reasonable price of $20 for adults and $15 for children, I judge The Seaweed Express Zodiak

boat tour as one of the best values for a tourist attraction in the San Luis Obispo area. Check out their website and Facebook page for more information. Links below.

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