Freakin' Frog beer bar and The Whisky Attic Las Vegas

Rex Reviews | | February 29, 2012 at 11:12
Whisky Attic at the Freakin Frog Las Vegas

The Whisky Attic Bookshelf at Freakin’ Frog Las Vegas – 600 whiskeys to choose from

The Freakin Frog is a small, but fun bar located at 4700 S Maryland Parkway just across the street from the UNLV campus. But this is not a college hangout. You’ll find people from all walks of life… What brings them here? It’s not the free live entertainment or the décor—it’s their beer selection.

They boast of a 1000 different beers from all over the world. If you’re looking for a cheap drink, this isn’t the place. But if you want to try a beer from Argentina to Zimbabwe, they probably have it in stock.

Live music at the Freakin Frog Maryland Parkway Las Vegas

Live music at the Freakin’ Frog Maryland Parkway Las Vegas

The Freakin’ Frog is lively in the evenings with a wide variety of live music. I’ve seen some pretty impressive jazz, as well as fun rock bands. They serve a decent pub food menu with delicious fries.  A great place all round if you’re a beer enthusiast. You’ll meet like-minded folks who prednisone medications love to shoot the bull about beer and can give good suggestions as to something you should try. Check the Freakin’ Frog “catalog”, a giant binder containing all their beers.

Upstairs from the Freakin’ Frog is the newly-remolded Whisky Attic which I’ll wager is more impressive than any whiskey bar you’ve ever seen—a bookshelf of almost 600 varieties of different whiskeys from Bourbon to Scotch. Stock includes complete ranges of single malt scotches from 12-year to 30-year, as well as special merchant and limited edition bottles from various distilleries.  You can join the club—a lot of fun and a great $ deal—to enjoy special events and tastings. If you’re a whiskey lover, you’ll pretty much think you died and went to heaven.

tasting at Whisky Attic Freakin Frog Las Vegas

Freakin’ Frog beer bar on Maryland Parkway Las Vegas

If you love beer or whiskey, Freakin’ Frog’s and The Whisky Attic is the place to go in Las Vegas. I give it top rating. Stop by for the experience. Taste a few random beers and see what it’s all about.

Freakin’ Frog website


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