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  • City Ramparts and Upper Barrakka Gardens Valletta Malta
      View from Upper Barrakka Gardens Vallerta Malta Upper Barrakka Gardens Barrakka arches Valletta view guard tower Upper Barrakka Gardens Valletta Buried in style in Upper Barrakka Gardens Repairing the ramparts Modern Bench on Valletta ramparts Rescue Ship Upper Barrakka Gardens Play Me piano in Upper Barrakka Gardens Saluting Battery Designer Trash can on the ramparts Jesper...
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  • Valletta Malta at the Valletta Boutique Hotel
      Arrival at Valleta 1:30 am Valletta Boutique Hotel by night Chandelier in room View from room onto St John's Cathedral Hotel Coffee Bar giving onto plaza Breakfast with delicious Italian coffee Rainy Day Valletta Malta Valletta St John's Cathedral tower Valletta St John's Cathedral balcony
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    The Zen of picking grapes in Avila Valley
    Rex the grape-picker Since being back in the country, I”ve been trying to find work and like everyone knows, it”s not easy. Might even be said to be almost impossible for someone without a specific skill that”s in demand. That”d be me. Following up on a tip from a family friend, and after submitting my resume, filling out a detailed application...
    by at October 1st, 2011 at 05:10 am