Dive Shops in Trawangan Gili Islands Bali

Travel | | July 31, 2011 at 04:13

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The diving is apparently very good here on the island with several dive shops all with identical prices. It was explained to me that they all decided on a set price to keep compeitition between the shops friendly and prevent a pricewar from breaking out.

So their main focus now is to provide the best service to attract customers. It is 2,700,000 or about $315 all inclusive for the advanced padi, which is cheaper than most places I could find in Bali where it was about $375. Also if you are already certified, the dive trips themslves are very cheap and you get discounts if you book multiple dives with one shop, making it even cheaper.

Some Swiss girls I met at the bar said they just finished their open water and are getting an even better deal on their advanced, something that BaliScuba where I got mine done failed to do. I first stopped at the Blue Marlin Dive which has a cheap xenical online really nice building and pool and looks fancy. I went in and asked for information. The staff was friendly, but services very basic.

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Deciding to price shop, I found a much smaller place called Manta Dive — just two small, beachy-looking huts really, with outdoor tables. As I walked up the path, someone immediately approached me and asked if they could help. I said I was interested in Advanced Open Water. He sat me down at one of the tables and gave me a 1-on-1 interview. He explained all the prices were the same at

the shops and gave me detailed information on their upcoming dive schedules and places he personally recommended for each type of dive. I also had questions about getting my Nitrox certification as well, and he suggested that I pick Nitrox as one of my 3 optional dives and they would be able to give me a discount on my certifcation should I choose to pursue it. I really like the personal touch this

place had and have decided to go with them. More info to come as I complete my course.


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